McLube Harken Antifoul Alternative 473ml


Every now and then a product comes into our store which truely revolutionizes an area of boating.

This is one of those products.

Simply apply the polish to your hull, and it will keep it slick and clean for up to four weeks in the water.

Perfect if you normally keep your boat out of the water, but leave it in for a few weeks on holiday.

Here is what the creators have to say about it:

The concept for this innovative new product came from carefully listening to our customers' feedback and incorporating their suggestions into a cutting-edge, fully-biodegradable product.

"Our customers asked us to solve the age-old problem of keeping their hulls clean when they're left in the water for weeks at a time," said Ward McClatchy, president of McGee Industries, Inc. "I think we've come up with an excellent environmentally-friendly solution that's already earning industry respect." Team McLube's new, long-lasting, citrus-based Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish is formulated to keep your hull (or any underwater surface) fast, clean and pristine for weeks.

This entirely new product applies quickly and easily to any size sailboat or powerboat and renders a showroom-quality shine on hulls, propellers and other fittings and surfaces.

To quote SAIL Magazine's editors, McLube's Antifoul Alternative is "a slippery speed polish that impedes marine growth and keeps your hull fair and fast for days and even weeks of in-water use."