Mooring Buoy Float with Centre Hole


Popular as a mooring buoy and because of its strength and flexible center tube it is used in many other applications.

Long-line fisherman, fish farmers, geophysical researchers towing sonic exploration equipment, and many others find the CC Series to be the best buoy for the job.

People who use CC buoys can count on reliable performance, even in the most extreme conditions.

The buoy will come to you generally in a deflated condition,  the hole thru the centre, allows you to put a pipe up through it with your mooring line already poking up.  This allows you to have your rope poking up 500mm - 1m in the air, easier to grasp hold of when coming in. 

If you don't use a pipe in the centre of the buoy you can simply thread your rope thru the centre and have an eye spliced poking out the top of the buoy.

When the buoy is deflated, the hole is basically parallel, when the buoy is inflated and in use, that hole has a curve in it, thus holding the pipe or buoy rope in place. To get the hole parallel again and remove the pipe or rope, you can simply deflate the buoy.  They are easily in flated at a petrol station.


CC1 - 300mm diameter - 12kg buoyancy - (16205A)

CC2 - 360mm diameter - 25kg buoyancy - (16205B)

CC3 - 450mm diameter - 55kg buoyancy - (16205C)

CC4 - 510mm diameter - 70kg buoyancy - (16205D)


Unique vinyl valve system

Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability

Reinforced flexible center tube

Useful in a variety of applications

Available in 3 colour options to suit ECAN mooring size regulations.