Automatic Mooring Snap Hook



• Convenient attachment of a retrieval line to a mooring buoy.
• Kit includes cast 316 stainless steel snap hook, keeper plate, and fasteners for attaching keeper plate to a boat hook.

Can be loaded on the end of your boat hook via the supplied bracket allowing easy reach and will automatically clip onto your mooring line for easy retrieval.

Will clip onto lines up to 20mm diameter.

NOTE: For temporary use only. Permanent mooring attachment rigging must be used once buoy is retrieved.

Eye Inside Diameter: 12.5mm
Keeper Plate Length: 64.77mm
Keeper Plate Width: 15mm
Keeper Plate Height: 22.23mm
Mounting Holes: 2 x 5.3mm
Snap Hook Length: 103.6mm
Snap Hook Width: 24mm
Snap Hook Height: 56.9mm