Anti Skid Decking (Self Adhesive Back) 1000mm x 1000mm


4mm thick ultra violet resistant foam base with a small "octi" style  (made up of small circles) pattern. *Z pattern no longer available from supplier 

This has been used in previous offshore round the world Whitbread vessels with great success.

Made with unique double side sheet adhesive backing. Designed to be stuck down in sheet form (peel off backing) and leave a small gap (6-10mm) between each sheet and at the sides. The gap serves 2 purposes in that it allows the water to flow away while looking smart as the uniform gap also allows for expansion and contraction of the substrate (alloy, timber, fibre glass, steel )  

Incorporates an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent fungicides.

Material comes in 1000mm x 1000mm sheets.

Colours - light grey, charcoal, white (you may have to allow slight delay on white - as we do not carry large quantities of the white.)

*(White Z pattern available in store limited stock- Enquire)