Oil Extractor Oil Boy


Perfect for oil changes and ridding excess fluid from hard to reach places, the Oil Extractor utilizes a powerful pump that creates a vacuum so that continuous pumping is not necessary. Usage is easy, just insert one of the included extension tubes into your engine’s dipstick tube, attach extraction tubes and give the cylinder up to 15 pumps - and watch the cylinder fill up! Next, press the pressure relief valve and then pour the extracted oil into an appropriate container. System includes, foot brace, extraction tubes and garden hose adaptor. Includes one 49 3/16" hose and two 34 3/5" hoses.

    • Extracts oil through dipstick tube

    • Powerful pump creates a vacuum - so continuous pumping is not necessary!

    • 6.5L (6.9 quart) capacity

    • Extracts both warm and cold oil