One UP - Primer & Undercoat International


One UP is a single pack primer/undercoat for use above the waterline with International one-pack finishes and deck paints.

Unlike before where you have to buy a separate primer and a separate undercoat, International have released a new technology primer and undercoat in one that has been trialed in Europe for some time before release.

Simple yet effective, making painting easier for DIY customers without compromising on aesthetic appearance or substrate protection.

Initially, you will find the new technology product is jelly-like in the can, but as soon as you mix it with a stick or similar, it reverts to a liquid.

The best method of application is a small 100mm long foam roller sleeve on handle (available on our website). It may be applied with a brush but the roller produces a spray-like finish and even in the corners, roll right up into the corner and then turn the roller 90 degrees so you can get right up to the edge, thus not requiring a brush stroke.


  • One UP and the older Pre Kote cannot be mixed together - they are not fully compatible with each other
  • One UP can be applied over the older Pre Kote if half way through a job (once it has dried)
  • One UP can be applied over the older yacht primer
  • Most single pack finishes tend to yellow in the dark over a long time, such as interior use, but recover to exposed light. 
  • Never add any additives or materials that claim to improve specific properties of an AkzoNobel product, unless it is specifically stated so on the technical data sheet or labels. Doing so would invalidate and claims for application or performance issues.
  • It is not recommended that DIY users spray the product as it is unlikely that they would have the full correct PPE equipment and suitable ventilated application areas. Professionals may decide to spray apply the product as they would have both. 
  • One UP can be sprayed with Enamel Thinner No. 1 (YTA800)