Outboard Bracket Adjustable 15 HP


Stainless Auxiliary Outboard Bracket

This stainless steel adjustable outboard motor bracket is the perfect bracket for most auxiliary outboard motors. Its robust construction allows it to carry engines of up to 15hp with a maximum weight of 45kg. This bracket mounts on a vertical transom and allows a small outboard motor to be lowered into the water for propulsion.

A a pair of powerful stainless springs provide up to 35kg of raising assistance. The outboard bracket may be locked at four different heights. Sturdy wide construction and levers provide lateral stability. Once set in position it can be locked securely by tightening the large hand knobs. This prevents any accidentally release while trailering or in rough seas.

    • Stainless Construction

    • Easy Grip Handles

    • 4 Height Adjustments

    • Fits most style of small outboards

    • White Poly Plastic Mount