Outboard Motor Covers Universal Full



This Full Outboard Motor Cover offers protection for your entire motor.

This outboard cover will help protect your motor from the elements; with it’s soft inner lining, tough UV-resistant fabric, and reinforced stitching.
Different sizes available to suit a variety of engine sizes:
 Engine Size                     Circumference     Height                 Part Number
Up to 3.5hp 1260mm 980mm M11329F
3.5 – 6hp 1400mm 1100mm M11329G
8-20hp 1500mm 1200mm M11329H
9.9 – 30hp 1650mm 1370mm M11329I
25 – 60hp 1800mm 1440mm M11329J
40 –100hp 2000mm 1700mm M11329K
70 –150hp 2260mm 1900mm M11329L
135 – 250hp 2485mm 1970mm M11329M
200 – 300hp 2540mm 1980mm M11329N