Pelican Hook Lifeline Hook (3 sizes)


Traditionally used on gangway lifelines.  The action of a Pelican (sometimes referred to as a senhouse stenhouse hook) when undone allows the user to thread the lever through an eye and ten close it. In closing it, you create a lever over centre action which puts tension on the line.  For more tension, the eyebolt that is in the end of the unit, screws in and out, much like a rigging screw, allowing you to adjust to suit and then the eyebolt can be cut to length, to give a more smooth profile.

Also used in life raft releases.

Internal thread allows tensioning via the end eyebolt.

Small - 100mm L x 32mm W x 15mm D Max hole size: 11mm

Large - 165mm L x 35mm W x 18mm D Max hole size: 14mm

Extra Large - 230mm L x 55mm x 30mm Max hole size: 23mm