Rope Polyester Commodore Braid - (6 sizes)


COMMODORE BRAID -  Developed from double braid polyester core with a braided outer cover using a 16 carrier process.

Designed for easier handling without compromising performance standards. .

Softness of the outer cover means it flattens around winches giving greater traction. Splicable.

Braided polyester core and cover make a strong, UV and abrasion resistant rope.

Popular for sheet, halyards and control lines on Sail boats.  Also used as high standard mooring lines at jetties occasionally as they are less prone to squeaking in the night.

This rope is the same as our brights range, but comes in white background. Ultra soft and remains so.

Used for genoa sheets, on cruising yachts and main sheets. Ideal for sheets and halyards.

All sizes available white with coloured fleck of blue, green, red, black or red/blue.

Prices are per metre, spools attract a discount and are 100m long.

Available /m and /100m.

As a guide only, breaking strains are :

6mm - 700kg

8mm - 1250kg

10mm - 1800kg

12mm - 2600kg

14mm - 3100kg

Part Numbers 06703,06704,06705,06706,06707,06708