Portable toilet 20L


The portable toilet is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is self-contained and it doesn’t require any external water or power connections. It consists of two separate tanks; a fresh water holding tank of 13lt capacity and a waste holding tank of 20lt.

Simply add water treatment chemicals to the fresh water tank and the toilet is odourless. Ideal as a camping toilet or on the boat. Fully portable with spare parts and tanks available. The toilet is constructed by high-density polyethylene (HDP) with matt finish for greater resistance to scratches.

Dimension: 354mm (W) x 404mm (D) x 392mm (H)

* The fresh water tank provides up to 50 flushes
* The double sealed drain valve protects against leakages and odours
* Heavy duty, corrosion resistant side latches lock the tanks together
* Both waste and fresh water tanks are one-piece construction; no seams required
* The detached waste holding tank can be easily emptied, without using any tools