Pressure Pump Auto- Galley Whale 12v

$195.00 $299.00

Made by the famed company Whale in Ireland. 

With a 12 Liters per Min capacity and Standard 30PSI max cut out, the  Automatic Whale Pressure Pump is suitable for showers, galleys, or anythiong that requires a smooth constant flow of water (be that Salt OR Fresh water). It suits most vessels up to 35ft, but can be easily fitted to camper vans, RVs or most 12Volt situations with its rubber engine mounts.

It has a quiet operation with a quick cionnectivity PLUS:

2 x 1/2" Barbed hose connectors

2 x 1/2" quick fit hose connectors

1 x Strainer included

Extra Features include:

  • Smooth constant flow
  • Can be run dry without damage for short periods
  • Extra protection and safety with wires and pressure switch housed internally
  • Self priming up to 3 metres (sucks up 3 m and pushes 15m)
  • Fully sealed protective motor housing with integrated electronic