Altex Primer Undercoat Sgle Pot For Underwater Use


PrimaShield Antifouling Sealer is a quick drying, general purpose, below waterline primer designed to provide both exceptional water barrier and tie coat properties to a large range of substrates prior to applying antifouling. 1L can size.


PrimaShield Antifouling Sealer is used on the following substrates: 

    • Mild steel & Corten steel hulls & keels
    • Timber hulls (sealed with Altex Epoxy TimberSealer)
    • Aged exposed epoxy primers / undercoats
    • Exposed fibreglass, gelcoat or GRP
  • Aged antifoulants - suitable for use as a barrier/sealer coat between unknown or incompatible antifoulings.

Metallic grey in colour.

Mainly used for spot priming of exposed primers & undercoats during maintenance repaints of antifoulings. These spot applications ensure good adhesion of the antifouling to an aged substrate.


    • Single pack, fast dry, direct to steel primer
    • Extended time to re-coat with itself or with all solvent borne antifoulings
    • Excellent corrosion protection
    • May be used to seal old antifouling coatings
    • Excellent application properties – easy to brush / roll
    • Excellent water immersion resistance
    • Reinforced with aluminium flake
    • Fully compatible primer & sealer for all Altex antifoulings
    • Excellent primer & sealer for immersed wooden hulls