PSS Shaft Seal


PSS Packless Shaft Seal

All sizes are imperial, metric shafts are generally only on European manufactured vessels. Australian, New Zealand and American vessels are mostly imperial, thus metric sizes are indent ordered only.

Dripless Shaft Seal. Ideal upgrade replacement dripless shaft seal for sail or power boats. Constructed of long life marine materials.

    • Dripless, maintenance-free, stuffing box replacement shaft seal
    • Three year manufacturer guarantee
    • A.B.S. approved
  •       Made in the USA
A mechanical seal is created by the contact of a turning surface against a stationary surface. In the case of the PSS Shaft Seal, the stationary surface is a carbon flange held in contact against a stainless steel rotor which turns with the shaft. The carbon flange is attached to the boat by a nitrile bellow which, with the help of water pressure, produces a constant contact between the carbon and the stainless steel ring. These type of seals are unaffected by engine motion or vibrations. The result is a 100% watertight and totally maintenance-free seal.

Available to suit a range of propeller shaft sizes sizes from 3/4"-3 3/4"

Stern tube Outside diameter (OD) to be specified when ordering. If your outside diameter of your stern tube is oversize, there is an additional charge.