Raymarine Element S GPS Sonar


The Raymarine Element S series of navigation displays gives you the freedom to enjoy the open waters—Select your destination and let Element’s fast and accurate 10Hz GPS/GNSS lead the way.

Engineered for simplicity and affordable performance, Element S will quickly become your trusted cruising companion.

These packages include:

Element S Colour Display (button operation)

Mounting Bracket

Transom mount high Chirp depth transducer

Sun cover for display

Choose between NZ lighthouse raster, or NZ Navionics Vector Chart.

A quad-core processor offers responsive performance and Element’s all-weather, sunlight viewable displays deliver chart and navigation data in beautiful colour. Element’s simple and straightforward LightHouse Sport operating system lets you navigate with confidence.

Once underway, Element S will keep you on course with a smart list of user-friendly features, such as AIS target overlays, autopilot integration, and sailing instruments displays.

Choose from 7, 9 or 12 inch super bright display for all weather conditions