Rocna Original Anchors



Rocna’s legendary Kiwi design, leading the way in next generation anchoring.

Choose the Rocna 

    • For the best multi-purpose anchor that sets in all ocean floors.
  • For vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts to super yachts.

Features of the Rocna Original:
    • Instant set: The roll-bar ensures that it always lands on the ideal angle for penetration, plus reinforces the blade for massive strength.
    • The setting skids elevate the heel and correctly direct the tip, for reliable setting in soft seabeds.
    • Self-launching: The shank is high tensile steel, and designed so the anchor self-launches.
    • Rock solid holding power: Of all anchor types, a concave blade gives the greatest resistance, and through clever design Rocna provides the largest blade area possible. The result – massive holding power.
    • Resistant to wind and tide shifts: The sharp chisel tip combines with a very high weight on tip (average of 33%), which ensures an instant reliable set with every use.
    • No lead in the tip and no dragging is also environmentally friendly.

Dedicated attachment points for:

    • Buoyed retrieval line
    • Tandem anchor
    • Securing to the bow