Stainless Steel Louvred Engine Room vent (3 sizes)

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Engine Room Vent

All stainless steel

Comprising of 4, 6 or 10 squared off cowls mounted in the frame.

Flush mounts into the side of an engine box or hull.

If mounted in the hull, then a dorade box to prevent the entry of water is required to be built on the inside of the hull.

4 Louvre Vent - Stainless Steel

210mm X 112mm X 27mm

Cutout: 187mm X 91mm

6 Louver Vent - Stainless Steel

325mm X 112mm X 27mm

Cutout: 305mm x 91mm

10 Louver Vent - Stainless Steel

530mm X 112mm X 27mm

Cutout: 507mm x 91mm