Sail Ring Extra Heavy Duty


Set hole diameter:

25mm (09420)

30mm (09421)

40mm (09422)

With constant world wide use by top sail makers these Inox Ring Systems offer higher strength and resist corrosion with ease, making it simple and enhancing sail attachments points.

• Manufactured from type 316 stainless steel, and injection moulded nylon.

• Liners and pins are passivated to reduce risk of staining.

• Liners are seamless for maximum strength.

• Range of colours to permit the use of house colours and sail identification.

• Finely pointed pins penetrate between the sailcloth fibres and do not cut the fabric.

• Nylon ring gives chafe-free contact with sailcloth.

• When set, the pins are locked through the sailcloth and into the opposite face of the ring providing DOUBLE SHEAR strength.