Sea Barrier Anti fouling 5L and 10L


*Note currently our manufacturer policy of delivery in the North Island direct to clients has ceased on this product. They will not dispatch to residential in the North Island, they will only allow pick up at their branches either in Auckland or Tauranga, we are trying to work through this. 

Sea barrier is a high performance, ablative antifouling coating and is recommended for use where there is superior ablative properties are required or long term, well proven protection is required.

Sea Barrier 3000 is ideal antifoul coating for both maintenance docking and new build.

Sea Barrier 3000 is suitable for; barges, tug boats, ferries, charter vessels, fishing vessels and other numerous sea going vessels.

This is NOT suitable for aluminium hulls, outboard motors, stern legs and saildrives.

This is the commercially packaged version of the popular Altex number 5  


We have 10L buckets available in; Blue (M13560G), Red (M13560G) and Black (M13560G)