Sea Marker Dye Fluorescent


Sea Marker Dye Fluorescent

Sea Mark is a new concept in fluorescent marine water dye markers.

Great for windsurfers blown offshore, scuba divers & of course Danbuoy use. Trials conducted in very rough crested seas were made by helicopter and where conventional markers could not be seen at any time Sea Mark was easily observed for a period of 30 minutes for distances up to 5km.

This new solution works with special materials that make dyes float.


    • Sealed in a robust foil pack for all boating uses.

    • Easily stowed in a wet weather jacket pocket, liferaft or in any emergency kit.

    • With the welded foil seal making it 100% water tight.

    • The General Marine Foil Pack is suitable for snorklers and deep water scuba divers alike.

    • It can also be carried in unpressurised aircraft.

    • Only 40 gram.

  • Dimensions:L:95mm x H:50mm

Mark activates instantly in water spreading quickly as a vibrant fluorescent yellow patch.