Seablaze Underwater LED light (pair) - 1 PAIR LEFT (1 WHITE LIGHT 1 BLUE)


High intensity, extremely durable and easy to install, the Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini Underwater Lights 2 Pack is designed with the latest LED technology and will give you an unparalleled boat lighting experience. With an actual measured output of more than 700 lumens, there is simply no better value in underwater lighting. Perfect for smaller trailer boats, skiffs or dinghies. Plus, the Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini Underwater Light come in pairs. A real bargain!

Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini Underwater Lights 2 Pack Features:

  • Surface mount for fast and easy installation
  • Measured output of more than 700 lumens
  • Sold as a pair
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Voltage: 10-30vDC
  • 12vDC: 990mA
  • 24vDC: 450mA
  • Mounting hole diameter: 1/4in
  • Colour output: White
  • Diameter: 3.9in

Ultilizing all the technology and quality of the SeaBlaze 3 - the worlds highest selling underwater LED light.