Seabrake - Foulweather


Seabrake is a collapsible high speed drogue that provides directional stability and controlled drag in a variety of sea conditions.

It will also counter roll and pitch to a significant degree.

Used as an emergency or alternative steering device and complies with Australian Yachting Federation for that purpose.

This series stability and reliability are far superior to those of any conventional sea anchor.

Provide high levels of drag at low speed, tracks straight and true, doesnt twist the tow rope and cannot foul itself. Reduces the slingshot effect when towing other vessels.

We have size to suit boats up to 29m in size - refer to drop down box for pricing.

10 Applications for everyday use:
Sea anchor and drift anchor
Emergency steering
Anti-surfing/broaching device
Stabilizer under way
Stabilizer/anti-roll at anchor
Aid for vessels under tow
Aid for auto pilots
Aid for bar crossing
Seabrake has twice the drag as conventional sea anchors/drogues