Seat Swivel - Stainless Steel standard or Stainless Steel locking


Seat Swivel Stainless Steel 

Make life easier on your boat with this easy to install Stainless Steel seat swivel.

Marine Grade and easily bolts or screws on to a base and the seat giving you smooth easy 360 degree rotation of the seat.

Nylon runner for smooth and silent operation.

Regular unit dimensions:
173mm (w) x 173mm (l) x 22mm (h)
138mm mounting hole centres (Adjustable) slotted-7mmx 23mm long


Locking Unit dimensions:

190 mm (w) x 227mm (l). 8mm mount holes 

A 360 degree swivel that can lock at 30 degree increments.

Release handle spins with seat, and extends 175mm for handy under seat operation.