See-Level - Anti Sea Sick VR Headset


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Want a fast way to relieve your sea sickness? Want to enjoy the boating journey without feeling unwell and having your trip ruined? Know someone you will be taking out who gets sea sick?

Buy this Revolutionizing Seasickness Relief with Virtual Reality: Instant Relief in Under 12 Minutes.

Seasickness Relief with Confidence: Patented, Proven, and Trusted Worldwide – No Side Effects

Already used widely across the world on commercial vessels, fishing, cruising, super yachts, defence forces, etc.

How See-LEVEL Combats Seasickness: See-LEVEL leverages virtual reality technology to restore equilibrium between visual information, inner-ear orientation, and nervous system that provides body position feedback. Users immerse themselves in a 360-degree virtual world, carefully designed to optimize seasickness recovery by providing visual anchor points, distance focus and an artificial horizon. By addressing the root causes of seasickness, See-LEVEL offers a simple yet effective solution for maritime professionals.


-Professional IP67 waterproof case for one headset (Can be the otion of two headets w/ case)

-See-LEVEL Modified Virtual Reality Headset, 4k screen

-Sun Protector 

-USB Chargers with leads

-User instructions

-Branding options available

-12 month return to dealer warranty


Seasickness is a condition that affects some individuals when they are on a boat or ship. It is believed to be caused by a conflict between the sensory inputs received by the brain.

The inner ear contains fluid-filled canals that detect motion and changes in position, and when you're on a boat, the motion of the vessel causes the fluid in the inner ear to move, sending signals to the brain that indicate movement.

Other sensory systems, like the eyes, may not detect the same motion or may provide conflicting signals, leading to sensory conflict that may confuse the brain.

This mismatch of sensory information can disrupt the brain's normal processes, resulting in the symptoms of seasickness, including nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and general discomfort.

Relief time/How the VR helps:-

Typically, individuals experience relief from seasickness within a timeframe of 12 - 20 minutes if applied after your seasickness has just started.

DO NOT DELAY PUTTING THE HEADSET ON. During long offshore voyages, you may need to wear you See-LEVEL headset for extended periods. Relief may take longer (40+ minutes) on these journeys or after prolonged illness. Patience is key; relief will eventually come, especially in challenging conditions

During this relief process, several distinct stages can be observed:

Decreased Heart Rate: As the relief process begins, there is a notable decrease in the elevated heart rate that often accompanies seasickness. This reduction in heart rate contributes to a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Decreased Anxiety, Perceived Body Core Temperature, and Dizziness: Alongside the decrease in heart rate, individuals also experience a decline in feelings of anxiety and the perceived body core temperature. Additionally, the sensation of dizziness diminishes, allowing for a greater sense of stability and equilibrium.

Subsiding Nausea: One of the primary symptoms of seasickness, nausea, gradually subsides during the relief process. The discomfort and queasiness associated with this symptom fade away, contributing to an overall improvement in well-being.

Heightened Feeling of Relief: As the various symptoms wane, individuals often experience a heightened sensation of relief. This sense of relief encompasses both physical and emotional aspects, bringing a profound sense of comfort and well-being.

It is important to note that the timeframe and specific experiences during the relief process may vary among individuals. Factors such as the severity of seasickness, individual susceptibility, and external conditions can influence the duration and effectiveness of the relief experienced.

As a guide we found that:

Many users only needed to use See-LEVEL once - just to get a break from the vessel. As conditions deteriorate some users will get the same relief but seasickness comes back after a variable period, in these conditions re-apply See-LEVEL. The period between usages will slowly extend.

Some 10%) of users had no effect, generally non seafaring passengers, an assortment or reasons seems to be the culprit (1) Over medicating on anti-seasickness medication (2) Extremely high anxiety levels (3) A vestibular condition that is effecting their sense of balance.


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