Fuel and Water Tank Senders


Sensotex senders can be used as both a fuel tank sender or and water tank sender. The only moving part is a simple float that moves on the vertical shaft, rather than the older hinging type with arm that required a larger hole in the tank and had more moving parts.

They have the 5 hole pattern common on many marine and rv senders making them a straight forward direct replacement.

Order to suit the depth of your tank.

Suits fuel or water gauges with an OHM range of 240-30 (the most common in many marine and RV gauges).

Generally the smaller length tank senders are constructed of Nylon (up to 200mm) and the longer are Stainless all are suitable for water, petrol or diesel. Please contact us for availability of other tank depths or different OHM ranges and other gauges styles.

Up to 600mm is standard though we do occasionally have 800mm units available.