Septone Cut and Prepare Fibreglass Polish 500ml


Fibreglass  Cut and Prepare Firbreglass Polish is a premium quality liquid cutting compound for use on all types of marine gelcoats and paintwork which are in poor or oxidized condition and need revitalizing.

Use Fibreglass Buffing Compound on chalked surfaces to remove fine scratches and oxidation and to restore the shine to dull surfaces. It may also be used on newly painted surfaces to remove over spray and orange peel.

Fibreglass Buffing Compound uses a unique blend of amorphous silica abrasives which provide quick cutting of the surface when first applied, and then break down into smaller particles to polish the surface. This means that Fibreglass Buffing Compound removes surface imperfections, and then removes any swirl marks created while cutting to produce a smooth surface ready for polishing to a high gloss final finish.