Septone Fibreglass Restorer Polish Wax 500ml


Fibreglass Restorer & Wax is designed to polish all types of marine gelcoat and paintwork in new or reasonable condition, leaving a rich, deep, wet-look gloss after application.

Fibreglass Restorer & Wax will nourish the surface with its rich high quality carnauba wax and advanced polymer technology, whilst the microfine abrasive effectively removes oxidation, fallout and minor imperfections without scratching the surface.

Fibreglass Restorer & Wax will restore and revitalise the surface to a brilliant showroom finish.

Fibreglass Restorer & Wax's easy-on, easy-off formulation produces a finish of unparalleled durability and detergent resistance, providing outstanding protection from the elements for new and well kept boats and jet skis.