Shaft Grounding Strap (Earth)


The MPS Shaft Grounding Strap uses the highest quality marine grade stainless steel and tinned copper braid in a
unique design that maximises the connection to a vessels drive shaft(s).
The unit is easy to install and service and has very few moving parts. The non-cutting lubricant supplied resists
shaft scoring and the unit can be retro fitted at any time or installed by a vessel manufacturer. 

    • Spring tension for easy installation and use
    • Unmatched surface area connection to shafts
    • 316 marine grade stainless steel pivot arm and mount
    • 11 positioning holes to suit most drive shafts
    • Spring loaded locking pins for easy adjustment
  • Tinned copper braid strap & back up bonding connection
Proper fitting of an MPS Shaft Grounding Strap negates the use for shaft anodes when fitted as part of a Vessel
Bonding System.

It will accept 25mm (1 inch) to 100mm (4 inch)

This strap is far more efficient because of its increased surface area and tinned copper braid.

Includes proper pivot arm and mount in 316 stainless steel with non-cutting lubricant to avoid shaft scoring.