Rule Shower Sump System - 12V or 24V


Self contain shower sump designed to be mounted below the level of the drain allowing the grey water to run into the box which contains an automatic float switch that activates the pump.


    • Connections: For 19mm (3/4") bore hose on outlet, 19-38mm (3/4"-1.5") bore hose on inlet.

    • Dimensions: 210mm x 285mm x 140mm high.

    • Output: 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute).

    • Contains Rule 800 Submersible.

    • Pump controlled by a Rule-a-Matic float switch.

    • Removable strainer allows easy cleaning.

    • Clear screw-down cover.

    • Integral non-return valve.

    • Ignition protected.

    • Multi-port inlet.v

12V (14002) Rule part #98B

24V (14002A) Rule Part #98B-24