Spectra Dyneema Braid (near zero stretch)


Spectra yachting braid offers optimum control and reliability for the competitive yachting sector.

We use this to replace wire halyards on dinghys to keelers and racing yacht genoa sheets.

The close weave cover of braided polyester combined with the remarkable characteristics of a braided core of spectra fibre produces a braid with a high strength & extra low stretch.

When using for halyards it helps to bind both ends thoroughly or by sewing to avoid separation of the inner from the outer core.

Prices are per metre, also spools attract a discount and are 100m long.

Approx Breaking Load kg, indicative (as splicing, knots and chafe have a huge effect)

2mm 160
3mm 300
4mm 600
5mm  900
6mm 1200
7mm 1800
8mm 2800
10mm 4000
12mm 5500
14mm 6900
16mm 8200