Speed Fit Tap Connectors 3/4" BSP speedfit - john guest


Speed Fit Tap Connector 3/4" BSP to 22mm OD Tube. In this photo the speedfit (John Guest) hard tube fits in one end while the other has a female thread suitable for anything with a 3/4"BSP thread such as a tap.

Female brass nut on one end passing to a speedfit on the other end allowing immediate attachment to basin taps & similar. 

Speedfit is a range of push-fit fittings and pipe suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water surfaces for boats.

Where drinking water is plumbed thru clear tubing, it will with time create algae or growth because of the exposure to light. The suitability of the tubing also passes NZ Building Code G12 requirements and being white or grey in colour helps avoid the algae growth.

Accepts the hard tube 22mm Tube O.D. - often found in larger motor homes and some boats.