Spinlock Buoyancy Aid 50 (Newton ) Paddle board


The ALTO has been designed for a range of watersports, it's a lightweight, compact inflatable flotation device that is worn around the waist.

When manually operated the inflatable tube is released and will then support the user under the arms and around the chest. Similar to a lifebuoy.

If you're a SUP'er, a fisherman or use a small boat you'll get ease of mind and will find the device simple and easy-to-use. 

Even though it's certified as a 50N Buoyancy Aid it'll feel invisable when worn and won't get in your way.

Simply wears around the waist as a bum bag and deploys by pulling the tag - no unwrapping or pulling out, it self deploys on pulling the activation tag - 

Made by Spinlock of England.


  • Product weight: 376g (13.3oz)
  • ISO12402-5    
  • 50N Buoyancy Aid ISO12402-6    

Special Purpose Buoyancy Aid ALTO is approved for adult users only (aged 16 years+) weighing over 40kg. This device is manual inflation only and requires secondary donning. Application: Swimmers only, sheltered waters help at hand, limited protection against drowning, not a lifejacket. Trained users only, requires secondary donning in the water. Minimum buoyancy when inflated 75N.  


Waist: 70-145cm (27.5" - 57")