Stainless Steel Locker Latch Heavy Duty


The locker latch is manufactured from Lewmar of England with a face (top of hatch) 52mm diameter plus the hole size required in the hatch of 42mm diameter. Designed for hatch thickness 12mm to 25mm, this could be varied for a thinner hatch (P.T.O)  by simply putting a packer under. Unique style drive, "star drive" accepts a sheet which handle, thus enabling a decent pressure to be applied to secure a longer or steel hatch. Comes with a tongue arm 85mm long (measurement from centre of catch to end of tongue), all 8/s #316 construction. The unit incorporates a water tight 'o' ring seal. The tongue normally catches under existing joinery. Max tongue depth from top of hatch is 95mm. 16mm diameter shaft.