Stainless Steel Hinging Pad Eye Saddle Hinging (4 sizes)

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Polished cast grade #316 stainless steel pad eye with 3 fastening holes, accept the small which has 2 fastening holes.

The benefit of this style of saddle hoop is the ring folds flat to the deck when not in use and self aligns when in use.  The one piece casting that anchors to the deck maintains the material thickness as it hoops up over the D ring to maintain strength.

Four sizes,

Small has 6mm countersunk fastening hole, 45x45mm (when flat) 6mm cast dee

Medium has 6mm countersunk fastening hole, 45x48mm (when flat) 6mm cast dee

Large has 8mm countersunk fastening hole 58mmx60mm (when flat) 8mm cast dee

X Large as 8mm countersunk fastening hole 73mmx75mm (when flat) 10mm cast dee