Chain Stainless Steel Short Link Grade #316 DIN766


Stainless Steel short link chain  grade #316 DIN766

Four Sizes available:
    • 6mm diameter of material (07010A)

    • 7mm diameter of material (07010B)

    • 8mm diameter of material (07011A)

  • 10mm diameter of material (07011C)

Often used to secure items on deck as life rafts, gang planks and heavier items.  A simple wrap of plastic tube avoids any chafe issues. Many craft use the stainless steel chain as the first 3 or so metres after the anchor so any chain lying above deck is not rusting and discolouring the deck. Others use it for the first 5-10m avoiding galvanised chain. It is of course made in short link to so it suits all modern chain gypsy anchor winches.