Stainless Steel Wire Rope


Highly flexible 7x19 grade #316 marine Stainless Steel wire rope. The construction/weave particularly suits where bending or running around a sheave is necessary. 

Used extensively throughout the marine industry and in engineering applications.

High strength, and stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion.

Any length availible, price is per metre.

We have a full range of crimps, rigging screws, thimbles, and other wire rope fittings.

If you have a specific order you would like made up, either come in and see us, or call us on 03 3843849.

Breaking Strengths (min): 

2mm     210kg

2.5mm  330kg 

3mm     540kg

4mm     959kg

5mm   1330kg

Working load is 1/5th of the breaking strength.