Navigation lights LED (ALL 12-24V) craft to 20m


LED Port, Starboard, Stern  & Masthead (steaming) light - Classic - Vessels up to 20m

The Classic N20 series of navigation lights is designed and type approved for vessels under 20m. Please note, while the european lights are stamped to 20m, the NZ modern regulations relate to 2 or 3 nautical mile visibility depending on survey requirement. 

Made of a special compound of ABS and polycarbonate with shatterproof acrylic lens, non-magnetic stainless steel electrical contacts and a nitrile water resistant seal to provide reliable long life.


10-30V 4W

RINA ELE 101608CS/002
DGMM 082/1197
MSA MNA 106/2/0167
Made in Europe

Dimensions: 100mm (h) x 105mm (w) x 90mm (d)

Available in Black Housing