Starbrite Liquid Electrical Tape


Starbrite Liquid Electrical Tape


Liquid Electrical Tape (LET) is easy to use, providing an airtight and waterproof, dielectric coating in minutes. The coating will last for the life of the application and yet it can be removed immediately as needed. One application will protect terminal connections or splices, as well as guard against vibrations that can loosen connections. Star brite Liquid Tape is UL-tested, easy to use and reliable.


  • Forms an airtight, protective, waterproof, UV resistant and dielectric coating.

  • Prevents corrosion on wires and terminals and  protects against vibration.

  • Easy to use, and cap has a brush applicator.

  • Patented, UL-tested, fast drying formula.

  • Can be built-up with additional layers.

  • Adheres to all metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and composite surfaces.

  • Stops terminal screws from loosening due to vibration.

  • UL® tests available upon request.

  • 100’s of uses – bilge pumps, outdoor exposed wiring, sprinkler pumps, timers, underground. wiring, outdoor lighting fixtures, instruments, anywhere a weatherproof and dependable. connection is needed.

  • Can be applied to irregular shaped and hard to reach connections.

  • Multicolors allow coding of wires.

  • Will not peel or unravel.

  • Stays clean and neat.

  • Service range -30°F to +255°F.

  • Great flexibility.

  • Super dielectric strength.


Stir well before using. Wires or terminal to be sealed must be clean and dry. Brush or dip Star brite" Liquid Electrical Tape on electrical connection area. Allow to dry for 5 minutes and apply second coat if greater thickness of seal is needed. Succeeding coats may be applied at 5 minute intervals to build up extremely thick protection. Product fully cures in 24 hours.