Bilge Strainer strum box top entry



End of line bilge strainer to stop debris entering your suction hose.

A removable straining plate makes for easy cleaning while two models are produced, one top entry for deeper bilges & one for side entry in the shallower bilges.

Can be screwed in place to keep bilge hose secure.

The design allows 25mm (1") or 38mm (1 1/2") ID hose to be fitted.

Available in top entry for deeper bilges or side entry for shallow bilges. They are suitable for 25mm hose and can be cut to accept 38mm hose.
• Allows maximum amount of water to be pumped from the bilge
• Fitted non-return valve prevents drain back
• Pump out of bilge water as shallow as 5mm

Length: 147mm Width: 56mm Height: 104mm Mount Screws: 5mm