Suntellite Polycrystalline Solar Panels (4 sizes)




Sailing all day is one thing, but making sure your batteries are topped up without running thumping diesel motors is certainly another.

Make the most of your sun, wether at the marina or out cruising, these completely framed, high output and self regulating units are specifically for marine use. To allow for the correct size of panel for your craft, simply add up the amp hours required for all your equipment which has to be switched on (eg GPS, Bilge Pump, Gallery Pump) and divide by the amp output rating of the panel you choose. The result is the number of hours it will require for the panel to recharge a 12V battery. All units have a wind loading exceeding 110 mph.


15W :

385L x 25W x 350H


656L x 25W x 350H


530L x 30W x 670H


1470L x 30w x 680H