Tank Water Rigid- 5 SIZES


Tank Water Rigid

5 sizes available -

- 40L (05102)

770mm L x 330mm W x 160mm H.

- 81L (05103) with sump

1 x 32mm OD OUTLET

3 x 15mm OD OUTLET

Height 600mm Length 445mm Width 300mm

- 95L (05105)

920mm L x 450mm W x 230mm H

- 160L (05106)

990mm L x 690mm W x 250mm H

- 250L (05107)

 1060mm L x 600mm W x 390mm H


Approved by the New Zealand MOT right up to survey vessels.

Made from a special impact resistant polyethylene.

The low profile lends to being fitted under floorboards & ease of battening down.

All sizes incorporate 25mm inlet, a 13mm outlet and a 13mm breather vent.

They provide a TASTE FREE water supply which is maintenance free and non- rusting.

For extra strength, larger models have built in baffles.