Tape clear .015mm thick protection tape


An ingenious cover tape for use over fibreglass or paintwork where there is a protection factor needed to preserve the paintwork with ropes sliding over the top or paddles and oars being slid over.

It comes in a roll 50mm wide x 25m long and on local boats we find we would replace the area concerned possibly 3 or 6 monthly with racing boats. High durabilty and water resistance and ideal for joining polyethylene sheets.

  • A premium polyethylene film able to withstand  UV conditions & coated with a high performance weather resistant solvent acrylic adhesive.
  • Excellent mositure,UV, aging & chemical resistance
  • Especially suited to the Greenhouse plastic film market.
  • Excellent vapour seal for interior & exterior house building wraps
  • For temporary repair & securing of broken glass, polycarbonate & various plastic materials.
  • Used as a heavy duty packaging, securing tape onto materials such a timber wrap films.