Toilet Brush Clean Odour-Free in pocket



A compact cleaning brush, perfect for use in yacht heads

Brush & Stow is a unique cleaning brush, specifically developed to tackle the challenges of Marine bathrooms. Engineered to fit the small toilet bowls commonly found in yacht heads, the Brush & Stow is wall mounted, holding still in motion. The non-contact replacement feature allows for easy replenishment of brush heads and a lock-in lid also keeps shower water out, while trapping odours in.

Entered in to the DAME Awards 2016, the Brush & Stow was recognised with a "Special Mention" for its innovative design. "The Jury commended the product for addressing all the disadvantages normally associated with using a toilet brush aboard a boat, and the design proved that the most basic of equipment can still benefit from great design"


    • Wall mounted for stability
    • Small brush head, custom designed for compact travel toilets
    • Seal keeps shower water out, while trapping odours in
    • Replaceable brush heads available
    • Push-release for non-contact brush head replacement
    • Clip-in lid, to secure brush into bowl
    • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • Discrete and compact, perfect for any bathroom, whatever the size