Toilet Electric Silence Plus 12V (avail 24v also) Techma Italian


The Silence Plus is extremely effective, comfortable and stylish.

The new design is more compact and improves looks as well as fits much easier.

A fully self contained mechanism makes this quieter than most other models.

Available in 12v or 24v it has the unique turmoil macerator system (more like a non clogging wastemaster than a older style macerator) that allows tampons, fruit stones and the like to mostly pass through rather than get turned around the teeth of a macerator style pump.  

Any clogging in a traditional macerator pump unit slows the input of water which makes the macerator teeth work harder, which slows the water intake, again making macerating accumulatingly difficult.  This turmoil system throws the solids to the outer edges of the pipe rather than trying to clog it in the centre, thus allowing heavier and more solid items to pass through.

Will work on fresh water or salt water.

460mm x 390mm x 510mm 25.5kg