Trailer Winch Hand 3:1 Ratio


3:1 Ratio - 3 turns of the handle is one turn of the drum.

Decent quality NZ made galvanized casing and handle,  the fastening area and casing is remarkably strong as this is constructed of box section, so no weld area and a 1 piece frame.  Platform area required for mounting is 90mm x 90mm minimum.

Ideal for where a small mechanical reduction is needed to perhaps pull a boat into a garage or caravan (on its wheels). The drum diameter is 20mm and a handle length of 190mm  (centre of pivot to centre of handle grip, so basically a radius) creates a mechanical advantage, plus - 3 turns of the handle is one turn of the drum.

Height of winch approx 100mm, width including shaft that protrudes for handle 170mm.

Tired of hauling away, getting the winch wire jammed on your old hauling unit?

Supplied with handle.

As with all trailer winches, use a separate security chain when trailering so it's not carrying the constant jerk load. Not for lifting humans.