Anti skid pyramid style Tredsafe Insert sticky backed


Tredsafe insert with a Diamond tread pattern that provides multi-directional slip resistance.

Available by the metre, it can be simply applied to a surface or incorporated into an existing alloy step edge.

Unique silica quartz ( thats the bit that does the anti skid work) is actually impregnated through the product so over the years as it wears, it still retains the anti skid feature. Many others do not manufacture anti skid in this superior manner.

Tredsafe insert is resistant to attack from ultraviolet light, oil, grease, petrol, salt, dilute
acids and alkalis, common household chemicals and detergents.

Tredsafe insert is manufactured from a special blend of PVC, silica quartz
and polymeric plasticiser giving an homogeneous hard wearing anti-slip
flooring for wet and dry conditions. (Meets British Standard for Sheet Vinyl
and Vinyl Tiles BS3261:1973).

Tredsafe insert is produced with a polyurethane coating which reduces dirt retention. The
three-dimensional pyramid pattern which provides excellent slip resistance in the wet. 

We also use this in aluminium staircase tread runners.

Suitable for interior or exterior use.  priced per metre,  Width is 50mm Wide