Tube Pipe Clamp Hinging (4 Sizes)


316 Grade stainless steel hinging tube clamp canopy fitting.  Each size is designed to accept outside diameter pipe in stainless steel.  It then allows you to attach a bar or wire from that point.

Ideal for areas where welding onto your existing tube is not feasible, the simple hinging action wraps around your existing tubing allowing a wire cable or bar to attach.

They are designed to clamp firmly around tube, and when doing so let off (loosen ) both screws, (even remove them) clamp around your tube and refasten with the outer screw first, followed by the inner screw. They are designed to take a canopy fitting, not to clamp together dead flat as indicated in the photo.  The jaws are designed to be apart slightly to accommodate the incoming fitting you are attaching. 

suits 25mm (1″) outside diameter pipe

suits 32mm (1 1/4″) outside diameter pipe

suits 38mm (1 1/2″) outside diameter pipe

suits 50mm (2″) outside diameter pipe

Suits biminis and other handrail pipe clamping applications