Tubular Fenders (7 SIZES)


Tubular Fenders

This range of fenders for leisure and commercial craft are designed to provide maximum protection, with a strengthened rope hole and new inflation valve.

Coloured white with coloured ends (blue or black, depending on shipment) and all may be partially filled with water to keep them positioned in windy conditions.

Available in a variety of sizes:

F1 - 600mm L x 155mm D (suits boat length up to 8m) (16308A)

F2 - 660mm L x 200mm D (suits boat length up to 10m) (16308D)

F3 - 840mm L x 240mm D (16310)

F4 - 1030mm L x 220mm D (suits boat length up to 12m) (16309C)

F6 - 1100mm L x 300mm D (suits boat length up to 14m) (16312)

F8 - 1440mm L x 375mm D (16312A)

1600mm L x 600mm D (16313A)

F11 - 1460mm L x 530mm D (16313L)