ENGINE CONTROL CABLES 33C Type Low Friction (20 sizes)


For the ultimate in efficiency and response, the Mach Series cables deliver unmatched results. They have been specifically designed to make even the most complex of cable installations result in smooth, easy and precise shift and throttle movement. Using a patented stranded wire core with lubricated extrusion, the Mach cables are an ideal solution for applications with long cable runs, tight bends, or where easy and precise throttle response is required. MACHZero cables are for use with inboard, sterndrive and outboard engines. Blue color jacket. 10-32 UNF threads on both ends. 3 3/8" (85mm) travel. Direct replacement for SeaStar Systems Xtreme™ CC223 or 33C Supreme™ For the bulk of conventional cables that do not need the low friction search "gear cable".