Universal Boat Cover (not for use while towing)


This is a universal cover which is made from a plastic base material which makes it suitable for all year round in any weather conditions. It is not a towing boat cover. These are simply designed for while the boat is in your back yard and keeps the leaves and the bulk of water out. Only for use on a stationary boat. Select one size bigger for boats with a high screen  or cabin.

3.3m - 4.0m

Cover length: 4475mm, Cover width: 2200mm, Max Beam width: 1.8m

4.0m - 4.5m

Cover length: 5220mm, Cover width: 2800mm, Max Beam width: 2.05m

4.5m - 5.4m

Cover length: 5950mm, Cover width: 3400mm, Max Beam Width: 2.4m

5.4m - 6.4m

Cover length: 7185mm, Cover width: 3400mm, Max Beam Width: 2.6m